The 50 best first-person shooters EVER

Tactics come first in the Brothers In Arms series, where players are encouraged to study the battlefield for the best positions before gearing up for the fight. With challenging enemy AI that changed positions despite your attempts at flanking and swathes of enemies to discourage any run-n-gun gameplay, we can’t say this was accurate to real warfare but it was certainly challenging during a time when WWII shooters were primarily gung-ho.
Duke Nukem is an asshole, and that’s why this game is remembered more for an idiotic lead character rather than the surprising gameplay subtleties. It’s not as linear as it first appears, and there’s a handful of fun, experimental weapons to toy with. You even get a co-op mode and level creator. It was superseded forever ago, but it still deserves a mention for being more than just a dickhead simulator. Get more information about battlefield hardline hack can be found at this website

Medal of Honor: Frontline

Up until Frontline, Medal of Honor releases on consoles were functional World War II games. But with Frontline MoH finally arrived, and it felt like the PS2 could actually hold its own against the kind of first-person shooters leaving such huge scorch marks on the PC. This was a time when Medal of Honor meant something, and Call of Duty was only a challenger. How things have changed.

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Perfect Dark

Was Perfect Dark a great first-person shooter on the N64, or was it just a decent one that has been elevated because of the Rare brand? It’s not GoldenEye, that’s for sure, but the female protagonist, the auto turrets and Elvis the alien make it stand out. If it took balls to have a female lead in a shooter in 2000, it was downright reckless to throw in a comedy alien sidekick. The addition of a customizable multiplayer mode shows the sort of ambition on display here. Especially telling considering it released in the early days of first-person shooters on console, when many were trying (and failing) to emulate the heavy hitters on PC.

Wolfenstein 3D

We associate the classic id Software designers – Carmack, Romero, Hall – with Wolfenstein 3D, a widely copied, much-respected and endlessly influential run-and-gun through a distorted view of the Second World War. BJ Blazkowicz is one of the true meat-headed heroes of video gaming, and his legacy is a billion smoking bullet holes, Nazi corpses and a robot Hitler.

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